Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Live-Blogging a Missile Strike

Akiva is updating continuously his chat with a friend in Sderot - you know, that city that keeps getting hit by missiles but nobody cares because Israel isn't doing anything to stop them? Yeah, that one. Excerpt:
Shlomo: Another warning... Oy!! Missile hitting

me: Stay safe, enough photos, are you in a safe place?

(dead air!!! where is he??? no response to multiple pings!!!)

Shlomo: almost was just killle, kasssm ell 20 yard aawywera, help, househitnxt t12 me. 20 yards awy1!Q#!$34


Shlomo: no...near heartr atcck. har to dbeare beathe. oh my god. i t waa so close
(via Bob Miller) Shlomo has written more about it here, along with an 8-second video he took which ends with a missile hitting his neighbor's house.