Friday, May 18, 2007

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 5/18

A few good reads:
  • Sephardi Lady reminds us about life insurance;
  • Jameel is back to giving constant war updates, as the situation in Israel gets steadily worse;
  • Krum asks a great question: Why is there no animosity between the community of Waterbury and its Orthodox influx, but there is in the Five Towns - when if anything, the reverse seems more logical?
  • Via Shoshana and the Princess, this article at Jewcy on the sex education debate is a must-read. It's the only article so far to actually give a basic alternative to the new OU site which so many seem to be criticizing.
  • Ben Chorin has an interesting post criticizing today's educational institutions. (via Gil)
  • I think SoccerDad is right about what ails the O's, though from the seven games they played the Indians you wouldn't know it. The Tribe won if they scored more than four, lost if they didn't.

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  1. Hello. How have things been? This is about all I can do on Blogger. I reckon. But all is going well.