Sunday, April 26, 2009

Vus iz Dus??

I have NO IDEA what to say about this.... so check it out and add your response to the comment sections....
password: hollywood


  1. LOL!!

    I hate when people say "retarded", even when I do it, though sometimes it just seems like there's no better word. I still hate it though.

  2. I did laugh, but yeah...don't really know what to say.

  3. I am not sure what to say either. As someone who works with many chasidim, some parts made me laugh out loud (literally) but...
    I love the shpielberg part. Cuz that is so them. ;-)
    I always can take a girl out of monroe, you can't take monroe out of a girl...

  4. Weird!! Funny though (those two often go hand in hand). I recognise the coffee bean. :)

  5. I - just - don't - get - it.

  6. The coffee bean is on Reeves and Pico.

    And that is also the main Kabbalah Center on Robertson. It's funny how they filmed that scene of them walking there, and then looking up and supposedly seeing the Hollywood sign, when in reality its miles in the other direction toward the mountains.

  7. its amazing, i hope they come out with a real movie. its sort of like Borat for frummies

    and shvigger...