Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Birchas HaChama Pictures from the Kotel

Aish has a beautiful album up.

Jacob Richman has wonderful pics as usual as well, from Ma'ale Adumim.

As for me, I wasn't planning on saying it, but a little after we finally arrived in Cleveland after an 11-hour stop-for-snow-and-drive this morning the sun came out. For Cleveland, that is a ma'aseh B'reishis, so I stopped for 3 seconds and said the bracha.

We'd to wish all our friends, family, and readers a wonderful chag sameach!


  1. Josh said it with about 100 other people at the JCC this morning at one of their outdoor moadons. they were worried the sun wouldn't come up, but at the last moment it did! he said it was awesome to participate in this every-28-years mitzvah. Although he also said, "It was really freaking cold" :-)

  2. Why weren't you planning on saying it?! It's not that difficult... :-/

  3. Rebbetzin - Cool :)

    B~M - I expected to be asleep! Also, mixed feelings about certain aspects of the Bracha, but those wouldn't stop me on their own.