Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kids and Smiles

A few smiles always make things a little better, so, via SIL:
So many funny Shen (2) stories, but this one beats all.
Shen was stuck in the high chair and she wanted to get out to go to the bathroom.
"I have to make." No response.
"I have to make, I have to make, I have to make." No response.
"Hello, I have to make."
That worked!
(Is it time to leave NY when your 2 year old starts saying "hello" to get attention??)

We were at the zoo in Cleveland, in the bathroom (hmm... seems like life revolves around a common theme these days) and Hen (5) needed to wash her hands but the sink was way way too high. Exasperated, I wondered aloud, "How do they expect kids to use this sink?" She replied logically, "It's for tall kids."

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  1. That is so funnilly un-funny. I find myself saying "hello did you-" and then correct myself. It sound dumb. But wow...for a 2 year old to pick that up... LOL