Sunday, April 05, 2009

Birchas Ha'Ilanos Map (Blessing on the Trees)

Lost in the hubbub over the once-in-28-years Birchas HaChama is the once-a-year opportunity to make the Birchas Ha'Ilanos (which is supposed to be done in Nisan, if I'm not mistaken). Via Josh L, who sent out a nice listing of all the places where one can do so in many Orthodox Jewish communities, comes a map created by a man named Nesanel, who upon seeing that listing, said:
After I got the list of fruit trees from you, I thought it was a shame that
it wasn't in database format with an interactive map.

So, I created:
It's great. Check it out.


  1. I find it funny to see only one fruit tree listed for my whole neighborhood... not exactly accurate!

  2. Apple - Typically these listings are of people who have made it publicly known that people can come to their property and make the bracha on their tree. In addition, not every fruit tree is right to make the bracha on for a variety of reasons. While not familiar with the reasons, I remember someone explaining to me a number of years ago why we would all go to one of the two people listed specifically for Cleveland, when there are fruit trees all over.

  3. The reason is that the person put up a BIG SIGN with the bracha!

  4. Mommy - Yes, and someone said it's because of how they blossom, too!

    Plus, that's as good a reason as any - these people are clearly fine with people coming to their yard to make the bracha. Other people might wonder why people are standing praying on their lawn. :)