Friday, April 17, 2009

Something For Everyone

For those who love the kids:
For those who love sports:
And for those who actually come for the blog:


  1. Cute picture! I love the lone curl boinging* down on Elianna's forehead. :)

    Also, nice flier.

    *I think 'boinging' should be a word.

  2. Great pic, Kayla's looking so big! (and Erachet, do you mean to say that boinging ISN'T a word?!)

    And I am absolutely NOT going to comment on your scheduling your survey thing on a night I can't come. :-P I fully expect the entire event to be live blogcasted or whatever you people do.

  3. I'm just here for the kids ;-)

  4. This is a nice piece of advertising! Practice speaking slower (remember your bar mitzvah speech?) You'll be able to fill the time slot with less material.