Thursday, April 23, 2009

EZ Reads, 4/23/09

Please have in mind Liba Yehudis bas Rochel, who is having surgery today. A collection of some fascinating pieces over the last couple of weeks...
  • Via Search for Emes, some of the most interesting photos of Charedi life I've seen.
  • Ha'aretz with a really fascinating piece discussing "Jewish music", from rabbinic decrees to corporate sponsorships to getting their songs onto Israeli radio charts.
  • R' Ally at Alleyways to Torah with a poignant post on another type of abuse:
    Imagine the scene: A mother and father invite a female "professional" and her "friend" to their house one afternoon. They are welcomed in and shown the kids bedroom. Then the parents bring in their children aged 4, 7, 11 and 14. The parents leave the room and the couple begins to act intimately. The children observe this for 45 minutes until the couple finishes. They visit 3 times a week.
  • Jameel notes the new IDF Homefront map which shows joyfully how everyone in Israel is in range of rocket attack. Comfortable.
  • A great post on what it means to be a Cleveland sports fan. Oy.
  • JoeSettler notes some Israeli scientists who may be figuring out how to cure deafness.
  • ADDeRabbi took part in a rare mitzvah: Petter Chamor.
Check it out.

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