Monday, April 06, 2009

EZ Reads: Pesach Cleaning - Birchas HaChama & Pesach

Please enjoy the eBook on Birchas HaChama that I was fortunate to assist R' Gil Student of Hirhurim in compiling. It is in printable form here. We certainly found it interesting, and hope you will as well. A few other posts and articles I've seen since which were interesting, either on Birchas HaChama or making Pesach:


  1. My cousin and I were told one year that we had to pour boiling water in our mouths to kasher our braces (this was mentioned to us while we were busy washing off all of our tiny braces rubberbands) - they were joking of course....

  2. Thanks for the link!
    Wow, now I have tons to read...

  3. i do not get the big deal, i sae "oseh maseh bireshit" every time there is lightning!

  4. is it a mitzvah she hazman gramah (time causing mitzvah)?

  5. Stam - I remember those days...

    NMF7 - Good luck :P

    Serach, Serach - Still for women, and yeah.