Monday, April 06, 2009

EZ Reads: Pesach Cleaning - Sports

  • Really great piece in the NYPost on LeBron James by Peter Vescey.
  • Jack links to a cool piece that explains how people catch fly balls. (Also cool: Why kids can't hit pitches which are too slow. Throw a little faster.)
    If we ask real fielders how they knew where to run to catch a ball, they may not respond with, "Well, I simply adjusted my relative field position to keep the tangent of the vertical optical angle to the ball increasing at a constant rate."
  • Crazy: Soccer player gets free rent... by living in the fashion store's storefront where everyone on the street can watch his every move. (Via Deadspin, with pic.)
  • Bill Simmons wants the NBA teams to start sharing the data they're compiling that analyzes stats in ways geeks only dream of.
  • Hollinger notes that LeBron may be putting together the most efficient season in NBA history.
  • Brilliant heads-up play by an Israeli soccer ball boy gets his favorite team a goal. This got international play.
  • Interesting WSJ piece discussing how CBS switches between NCAA games during the tournament. If you've been watching (or listening on Westwood One on the radio, which was equally as impressive), they've done a fantastic job of going from game to game at just the right times.
  • Wonderlic scores for the NFL. This is the 15-minute test NFL players take, and reporters mock them for scoring only about a 21 on average on (out of 50 questions, which you need to answer as many as you can as quickly as you can correctly). A couple of years ago the players made the reporters take it as well; they scored an average of 23, lower than your average offensive lineman, if I recall correctly.

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