Sunday, April 05, 2009

It'll Be A Fun 3-Day Yom Tov

The last time we went to Cleveland for Pesach, after 80-degree sunny skies on the first day of Yom Tov, we were hit with 28-degree temperatures and 8 inches of snow starting on the second day. That's a 52-degree drop in about 24 hours.

This time, we probably won't see as much of a fluctuation: It'll just be dreary.


I'm guessing we may not be making Birchas HaChama...


  1. At least it's not sukkot!


  2. they say if its not going to be sunny, you should pray for a thunderstorm, so you could have both in mind when you say oseh maaseh berieshis

  3. Mark - Sigh...

    Harry - Interesting. Though it's going to be more snow and less thunder.

  4. Our Rabbi said that if it is too cloudy to see the sun you can make a bracha on seeing Lake Erie (if you haven't seen it in 30 days).

  5. Which Rabbi? Local or Greater Cleveland?

    Also, why does that work? Or is just to make the bracha of Oseh Ma'aseh B'reishis and not really anything to do with Birchas HaChama?

  6. Local. Yes, it would be to make the bracha. When you left Cleveland in the snow there may have been 8 inches, but it kept falling and falling and falling...

  7. It won't be dreary. Bad weather is adventurous.

  8. And people want to know why I have no intention of going to cleveland.

  9. I have never heard that! A bracha on Lake Erie - that would be a first!!

  10. Well, good - saves you a bracha levatala.

  11. Can someone explain this whole Birchas HaChamah thing? Why is it being made into such a big deal? There's probably been more written about the subject in the last 5 years than in the last 1500 years. From what I understand there's only a few words dedicated to Birchas Hachamah in the Gemarah - and that is the dicussion as to whether you make the Oseh Maaseh Bereishis with Hashem's name or without. That's all.
    I'm out.

  12. funny...just as i posted the above I went to DovBear and saw his post.

  13. Mommy - Why not just wait for a rainbow? (Of course, that requires sun...)

    And yeah. Ugh.

    Erachet - Not when you have to drive in it. Or it is the wrong kind, anyway.

    Jack - LOL

    Rebbetzin - :) I wonder what bracha you say when the river is on fire...

    Anon - Hehe :D

    Rea - I actually question the same. I understand it's a nice, rare bracha. Okay. So let's make it if we can. (Though some of the pieces are interesting if you're into the subjects at hand - history, science, etc.)

  14. Not when you have to drive in it. Or it is the wrong kind, anyway.

    It is the kind you hate when it's happening but love to tell over later.

    Also, usually the rule for this sort of thing is...the more hyped up it is before you go, the less likely there will be any adventure at all. They usually happen upon you when you don't expect them so...if the rule stays consistent, you might not have any issues anyway. :)