Monday, April 06, 2009

EZ Reads: Pesach Cleaning - Random

  • The by now famous flight attendant rapping for Southwest. It's just that good.
  • The Washington Post (!) discusses the Photoshopping of women out of pictures in Charedi papers.
  • Charedi girls doing hip-hop dancing at weddings.
  • Bas~Melech says "out of town" is in the eyes of the beholder.
  • Addictive (for a few minutes) quiz game. Fun when you can figure it out; increasingly stupid when some questions are just luck and guesswork.
  • WBM discusses Freeman Dyson, a modern "heretic" because he disagrees with the mass opinion on global warming.
  • A cool Q&A with Penn Jillette.
  • DealBreaker has a picture from G-20 of one of the dumbest signs ever:
    A Job Is A Right!
  • Meanwhile, Northern Lights rips into the Obama government's definition of "service". I think it's related to the sign above.
  • President Obama's bracket didn't do much better.
  • JoeSettler on the latest UN report:
    Israel recycles approximately 70% of its waste water. The next closest is Spain at just 12%.
  • Acharon Acharon Chaviv - a nice and inspiring video, courtesy of Hirhurim, of kids and men (with intro by R' Sacks I believe) singing Oseh Shalom:

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