Sunday, January 18, 2009

This Post Is Untitled

Go Cardinals!!! You are the last stand against evil in this world. Also, Mazel Tov to my good friend Coops, who hopefully can tell the people in Cleveland that there is hope in this world.

(And I don't mean LeBron playing for the Browns.)


  1. Kurt Warner is the frummest QB in the NFL, for sure.

  2. Jon Kitna is even more frum, but he's not starting anymore.

  3. now that the cardinals have made it, I believe Cleveland is one of only five teams never to make it to the super bowl.

    Just saying...

  4. that commercial was hilarious. I never thought I'd say this . . . but I'm glad the Ravens lost, even if it means the Steelers won!

  5. I'm confused. Why is Kurt Warner the frummest QB? Also, why are you glad the Ravens lost? I didn't think they would win but my husband was devestated. Go Cardinals!

  6. Yay! Go Cardinals!!
    Akiva is beside himself with happiness.
    Oh, and his phone was ringing off the hook yesterday with shouts of mazel tov and i think he got more phone calls yesterday than when we got engaged.
    His friend asked, "Are you happier today or the day of your wedding?" He dutifully replied "The day of my wedding" but couldnt help himself from adding "but ask me in two weeks when they win the Superbowl!"
    All i know is that i will be there, making nachos, wearing red and shouting "Yay! Fitzgerald! Get a homerun! I mean a touchdown!" Youre cordially invited, Ezzie.

  7. Oh and that Lebron James commercial was hi-larious!

  8. Moshe - Oh, well aware...

    EK - Exactly. :) Plus, at least you feel like the Steelers are good, ya know?

    Frayda - Us old Cleveland folk hate both the Ravens AND the Steelers. It was actually a hard pick. But you always want the better of the two to win, so you don't feel like the other one can say they did something really amazing. And the game must be U-G-L-Y, which thankfully it was. (Basically, we're petty.)

    Mrs. Coops!! - The LBJ commercial was awesome. StateFarm is brilliant.

    Of course he got more calls - you guys will be married forever, but how often will the Cards win!? :) And that answer is surely due to the Shana Rishona aspect. :P

    I was smart - I called BEFORE the game to wish him luck, and texted (not even knowing if he gets texts) afterward figuring there was no way I would be getting through.

    Anyway - congratulations, and who knows?! Maybe I'll randomly come just for the game...! :)

  9. Moshe - During the Super Bowl era, of the teams that have existed for more than 50 years, only three teams hadn’t made an appearance on the game’s biggest stage. You can cross the Cardinals off that list. To quote the great George Costanza in “the contest” episode after Elaine dropped out - “And then…..there were two.”

    The Detroit Lions and your Cleveland Browns.