Thursday, January 01, 2009


With thanks to Chana; posted with permission. (Ed. note: Edited slightly for presentation.)
by Gila (Kanal) Zarbiv

I am tired of turning on the news and seeing them talk about Israel's disproportionate attacks.
Where were they when Kasam after Kasam landed on Sderot?
Where were they when we pulled out of Gaza to give the Palestinians their chance to have change?
Where were they when the Israeli army went door to door seeking out terrorists and risking THEIR lives to save the lives of innocent civilians?
Where were they when Israel stood by since 2001 and let Kasams kill innocent Israelis and DID NOTHING!?
Where have they been?!

How dare anyone make this anything other than it really is: Israel defending her people, her nation, and her homeland. It is not a revelation that Israel has not lost a war since her existence. Its a necessity! When we lose a war we will lose our homeland. There is nowhere for us to surrender to! We are surrounded by countries that hate Israel and the Jewish people and would like nothing better than to push us into the sea. If we give them that chance, we will drown.
So now, Jewish world, as you sit back and watch your brothers fight for you and your family die for you, I beg you to fight back! Challenge this close minded, one sided, media bias that we see every day.

Enough is enough! I dare one of those reporters to come to Sderot, or Ashkelon, or Be'er Sheva and survive one night. I dare them to walk through the streets, hear the sirens, fall to their knees, and hold their breaths for 15 seconds as a Kasam wails overhead. I dare them to hear the voice "Code Red, Code Red" and wonder, is this the end? Is this going to be the rocket that lands on me? Am I going to be the next statistic on CNN?

How many times do we hear "only one killed in Sderot" and breathe a sigh of relief. "Only one." Close your eyes and imagine your wife, your husband, daughter, son, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, father, or mother were that "only one." It's OK. It was just one. Stop whining...


I am intensely saddened when I see the pictures of the innocent Palestinian children who are caught up in the cross fire. I am intensely infuriated when their deaths are blamed on Israel. Israel did not ask for this war. Israel did not want this war. Israel did not choose this war. Israel was attacked. Since her very existence she has been attacked. Be it on her buses, her streets, her homes, and her cities.

Let us be very clear. Israel is not randomly attacking Gaza. Israel is responding to the HUNDREDS of rocket attacks that have landed on her soil that have SPECIFICALLY targeted civilians and civilian homes. Israel is responding by bombing SPECIFIC Hamas locations and killing 400 people, 90% of whom are Hamas operatives.

Disproportionate? Hamas kills men, women, and children. Israel kills terrorists.



This war, in my opinion, is too late. Israel should have stood up years ago when the first rocket fell.

How ridiculous is it to imagine that after Sept 11th America would have done nothing in response. How dare America start a war! Its disproportionate. All that happened was three measly planes hit three measly buildings! What right do they have to go fight an entire country?! What justification do they have?

The Arabs think they can fight us? They think they are up to our level of standards? Well kol yisrael arevim zeh lazeh. We Jews are all connected. Take a lesson Arabs. Wake up. You want justice? You want peace? You want equality? Then deserve it! You alone are responsible for the actions of your people and your nation. There is a virus growing in your own people and it is spreading to your children and grandchildren. Stop it!


How dare anyone blame this war on Israel. It is time the world practiced what they preached. It is time they live up to their own standards. The next time someone comes to attack THEIR children, I want a completely proportional response. I want them to stop and calculate. Remember, it isn't about saving the lives of your family. It's about making sure that the world approves and will not condemn your actions. Be careful, because apparently in their eyes, all people are not created equal... They can attack us because they are "terrorists" and that's what terrorists do. We cannot fight back because they are cowering behind the backs of 3 year old children.


I will not stand silently by watching my family be attacked night and day. I will not sit and wait for the bombs to fall. I will rise and defend my husband, children, and nation by whatever means, doing whatever it takes. Wouldn't you?


How dare they.

Gila (Kanal) Zarbiv volunteered a couple of summers ago in an ambulance in Sderot, working as a medic, as well as going door to door to different bomb shelters to find out what the citizens of Sderot needed. She has experienced the terror of rockets falling around her, and wrote about that terror and fear [including running out into the open road to grab a child] here.


  1. I guess you didn't hear... apparently it wasn't Hamas lobbing rockets into Israel. No, no it was secret, undercover Israeli agents who snuck into Gaza and decided to make trouble for the peace-seeking Islamist militants.... at least that's what I heard on NPR.

  2. Did you see this video? It's all Israel's fault, of course.

  3. AML - Hehe. Sigh...

    Alicia - Yeah, I saw (though wrong link). Good for him for not allowing her to propagandize on air, and for just telling her off about his experiences there when she says "you've never been here".

  4. Shalom U'Vracha Ezzie,
    I was working on the computer tracking down different articles on the current situation in Israel when I stumbled across your website. I am deeply humbled and honored to see these articles here. I am not familiar with the world of blogging so I dont know how it all works, but I just wanted to thank you for spreading the message to Am Yisrael. If you ever need anything please do not hesitate to contact me. May HaShem give back to you all that you give out to Am Yisrael.
    B'Hatzlacha Al HaKol!

    gila zarbiv (kanal)