Friday, January 30, 2009

Elianna on Vacation

(Because this is more pleasant than ranting about economics.)

While it took her a day or so to understand that being on vacation did not mean that she was going to a place called vacation rather than to school, she's been hilarious all week, except for the little stiff-arms to Kayla when she'd pull her shirt. (Though they were well-executed.) I've been sick most of the week, so if Elianna would see that I didn't look well, she'd walk over, concerned, and the following conversation(s) would occur:
Elianna: Aw, Daddy, are you sick?
Daddy: Yeah... (cough)
Elianna: You're coughing? Do you need a drink of water?
Daddy: No, it's okay, thanks...
Elianna: Do you need a kiss?
Daddy: (laughing) Sure.
Elianna: {kiss} Do you feel better?
Daddy: A little.
Elianna: You're still sick? Do you want to go to the doctor tomorrow? Yeah? Okay.
We felt bad that we couldn't take the girls out to somewhere fun this week, with Serach having less hours due to vacation and Elianna off, but that's what happens when you live in NYC and your ABS sensor and bumper are getting replaced (and you're paying for it). Grr. But it's fun watching the girls in general, and this week listening to Elianna all day I've gotten to appreciate just how fast they're both growing. Kayla is sitting, crawling faster and faster, making noises like "Dada" though hard to say if she's directing them or not, and is eating real food well (ironically, she loves Bananas). Elianna's gone from full sentences to having a pretty good command of grammar - sadly, she says some things better than many adults I know. Her teachers were shocked when they showed a picture of Obama and she immediately called out "that's Obama! Where's McCain?", and she now knows that Obama is President of America and lives in a big white house. McCain is "on vacation" (apparently she doesn't care about Congress). Best of all, little shoves aside, she and Kayla adore one another, and Kayla cracks up at everything Elianna does that's funny. The hard part is making sure Elianna doesn't give Kayla things she shouldn't have or too much food at once, but she's learned this week about "chokables" and now grabs items away from Kayla citing their status as "chokable"... or of course, "mine". Sigh.


  1. I gotta come see them soon - I feel like you're talking about different children! ;-)

  2. heh

    Ironically as well, Elianna then said "Banana is what ___ calls me!"

  3. Elianna's gone from full sentences to having a pretty good command of grammar

    But what does her command of grammar matter? Everyone understands what she means anyway. :P

    Does this mean next time I come over I get to see Kayla crawling?

  4. Erachet - Exactly! She's understandable, and she no longer needs to learn English. Saved about 19 years or so... whew!

    No. Kayla will only stare at you and smile mockingly, teasing you forever and ever.

  5. Chokables..
    we have 3 kinds of Legos in our house; baby Duplo/Mega Blocks; regular (large bricks);and chokables!