Friday, January 02, 2009

Support Volunteer Medics in Israel


This is an ad that I am happy to put on this blog* as it is so incredibly important. As some of you already know, our good friend (and SerandEz contributor and editor) Jameel of the Muqata is a volunteer medic for United Hatzalah of Israel. The work they do is amazing, and the current crisis created by Hamas rockets raining down in Israel is stretching their capabilities even further. The current range of Hamas rockets is now 40km, which covers an incredible chunk of the country and its inhabitants, meaning Hatzalah must be ready in countless places at once to help who knows how many victims, ranging from shock to serious trauma.

Hatzalah in Israel is many cuts above what even the best volunteer medics in the United States do. These volunteers are not only stopping their work or their dinner, they aren't just rushing out on their kids' storytime, and they aren't just being woken up in the middle of the night. They're doing so and rushing to assist people who have been in terror attacks. They're rushing into the middle of war zones, into situations where they may be fired on, into places which no sane person would wish to be in at all - and they're doing so voluntarily, to help those who are in need. They're not paid for their work - they simply believe in serving a greater purpose.

As we all know, even their 1,000 volunteers can't make things free. Ambulances cost money. Medical supplies cost money. Personal armour to protect these medics cost money (and terrorists don't differentiate between medics and anyone else). Fuel, equipment, communication systems - they all cost money.

Saving lives costs money. Please, help save a life.
* (It may be a bit of a tricky transaction, so this is bli neder...)

SerandEz intend on donating half the proceeds of this ad to Hatzalah, which is received from people going through this ad to (hopefully) donate.

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