Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Does This Worry Anybody Else?...

...not to go all "Elders of Zion" - but you could see were one might think that this is an aaaaawfully strange coincidence and start jumping to some not so gefilte fish friendly conclusions:

Former AIG CEO - Hank Greenberg

Former Lehman Brothers CEO - Richard Fuld

Former Washington Mutual CEO - Alan H. Fishman

Former Bear Stearns CEO - Alan Schwartz

Madoff Securities - Bernard Madoff

Goldman Sachs CEO - Lloyd Blankfein

Former Federal Reserve Chairman - Alan Greenspan

Current Federal Reserve Chairman - Ben Bernanke

Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee - Barney Frank, (D-MA),


  1. Surprised? Haven't they invited you to the EoZ meetings? We're bringing this baby down, oh boy!

  2. I'd be more scared if they weren't all former.

    On second thought, considering the replacements...

  3. But Hank Greenberg was pre 2005. The rapid purchasing of the mortgage backed securities by AIG EU was post Greenberg. The post is funny but that one doesn't really fit in.

  4. sorry about that, misread the dates on Greenberg.

  5. Not sure if Richard Fuld is Jewish (his name is Richard Fuld JR). Fishman was only brought into Wamu shortly before its demise to fix it or sell it so its not his fault.

    Ifwe are going down this road by the way the two highest ranking blacks in the history of Wall Street, Raines from Fannie and O'Neil from Merell, did more damage then anyone

  6. Why in the world would you post something like this?
    Although I know you know as well I do that there is no Jewish conspiracy out there, (sometimes I wish there was though - I could use the cash... :) ) posting things like this scare me...

    On the other hand, maybe I'm just displaying some of that anti-semitism paranoia...

    All I know is that I grew up watching my father OVERPAY his taxes, just to be on the safe side, and then be teased (generally just in jest - I hope) by business associates about the "conspiracy."