Monday, January 12, 2009

A Goldish Touch

As is pretty clear from the header above, the name of this blog is SerandEz. In case you have not figured out why this is, my name is Ezzie; my wife's name is Serach. (This is important, as you will see shortly.) In a sudden burst of inspiration when creating this blog, I decided to combine the two and see what would happen. EznSer was a bit harder to pronounce; Serachezzie was a bit long, and that "ch" sound is a little rough for some people; and Not Quite Gold* was cute, but ultimately discarded. SerandEz it was, after many seconds of deliberation into the wee hours of the morning.

Readers may be aware that Serach rarely comments on this blog and has written less than a handful of posts to it. She's not even listed as a contributor to the blog. But, she does put up with the blog and everything that comes with it, and that's worth something. In exchange, she asks for a rare favor such as this post.

Serach joined the unholy social networking site which I despise (but have an account on), Facebook. In about two weeks, she has grown to having 440 "friends", which frankly I find to be more than a little crazy. More important than the number of friends, however, is the group she created. About a week before she joined Facebook, she decided to start making women's headbands. She had lots of accessories around the house to get started with, used her creativity to come up with others (like buttons, ties, an old pair of earrings that were never worn...), and went to stores to buy a few more supplies. Then she sat down, took her time, and created a number of beautiful headbands - all different styles and types, and all really pretty. (So say numerous members of the opposite sex.) She kept one for herself - the only one she'd made two of - and is making a business of selling them, utilizing Ye Olde Facebook to do so. She created a group, on which is posted pictures of most of the ones she's made already, and in addition to what she has already, she can custom-make pretty much any headband if a person so desires.

And what does she call this venture? The very creative A Goldish Touch*. This is on top of her other women's head accessory venture, Serach's Scarves, which is receiving a large amount of new tichels (head scarves) in the coming week, including a new style. She sold out of a number of them at a recent boutique, but once the new shipment arrives she will have everything listed on the website except for the tye-dye, plus the new style (paisely designs in all different colors, with gold threads throughout), which is not yet on the site.

Please peruse both SerachScarves and A Goldish Touch, and of course feel free to e-mail Serach with any questions or to make an order at serachnezzie at And for those dedicated souls, remember that all you do helps support SerandEz! Enjoy!

* For all those who don't already know this, Goldish also happens to be our last name, one which has been passed down from generation to generation for at least five generations. It's like a recipe, but less work.


  1. Is there any way to view the headbands without signing up for Facebook? I don't do Facebook and it's not letting me in without opening an account.

    Are the headbands small enough for little girls? Or are they only for women?

  2. Malky - If you e-mail Serach, she'll try and e-mail you some pictures tonight iyH.

    She is generally not making for little girls at the moment because our good friend/neighbor up the block is; you can e-mail Serach about that as well, though, because she might do so depending on type. (The friend generally only makes "hard" ones for little girls.)

  3. How did (hopefully past tense) job search go?