Monday, January 19, 2009

Lethargic Light

A little light something for everyone, since I'm a bit lethargic...

Elianna got sick over Shabbos, and is just starting to recover now, but she's been really cute and polite about it the whole time. She stalks around in a hooded sweatshirt, hands in the pockets, hood over her head, frown on her face (just imagine a 2-1/2 year old pretending to be a teenager or angst-ridden college student), but when someone does something for her she's still great about it. Today, Serach came home with a few groceries, and Elianna calls out from the couch: "Thank you Imma for getting me Coke so I can feel better." Also, tonight she was watching a cute YouTube video with British kids dancing to If You're Happy And You Know It, and when they say to say "We. Are!", she would say "We-haw!" It was awesome.
  • A horrible but brilliant sign from the Steelers-Ravens game, if you're from Cleveland.
  • We have some crazy texters who've come here, but I don't think even they could pull this off: 14,528 texts in a month.
  • I liked the joke, but the message isn't bad, either. My dear cousin R' Ally - I certainly owe you and your family quite a bit...!
  • Harry reposts an interesting piece titled Frumkeit vs. Being Frum. I think the examples are very telling.

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