Sunday, December 23, 2007

Life in Israel

I'm still looking for as much feedback as possible on the post below... please feel free to chime in!

Not to be confused with RafiG's excellent blog... a couple of blogs which are new to me worth checking out:
  • I'll Call Baila - I especially enjoyed this post.
    What most struck me was the team that was going to tribal council (where a member of the tribe would be voted off). The council happened to be taking place on a Friday night. Before they left for the council, one of the members got up and said, "You know I am not religious, but every Friday night I have "kabalat Shabbat" with my family. I would like to do it here as well, and whoever wants to, can join me." With that said, he lifted up his canteen, and made a full kiddush over the water inside it, and then proceeded to make "Hamotzi" over the bread.
  • A Soldier's Mother (which I found through the above blog) - A blog by a mother whose eldest son is in the Israeli army, and all that that affects.
    And, in the morning, as she was preparing for school, I noticed that she had put his picture in her backpack to take to school. When Aliza was done carefully putting it in the backpack, she turned and tried to say something in English. She was missing the word.

    A few weeks ago, the cellular phone company sent along a set of magnets that contain words and my kids have been playing with them on the refrigerator, leaving notes for people written out by placing individual words in a line. She walked over to the refrigerator and pulled off one small magnet and brought it to me. It was the Hebrew word for "missing." She was missing Elie, she explained sadly.


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  2. Why thank you for the mention! It made my day :)