Thursday, December 20, 2007

SerandEz on Vacation, Yonah Goldman's Shloshim

SerandEz and Elianna are heading to Baltimore for an extended weekend to hang out with the big sister and family, along with some other friends and extended 'family'. I realized (sadly) that this is the longest we're going away that's not for an occasion or yom tov since we got married.

As a note, in Baltimore this Sunday is the Shloshim for my friend Yonah Goldman. From the site, which now has a PayPal button set up:
Shloshim for Yonah will IY"H be on 11 Teves / 20 December. There will be a gathering commemorating Yonah's shloshim at 11am on Sunday, December 23rd at Congregation Shomrei Emunah in Baltimore - 6221 Greenspring Avenue. Several of Yonah's friends and family will share their thoughts and memories.

Israel Update: The Aliya L'Kever will be this Friday, December 21, at 10:30am. For information, please contact Dina at or through Facebook.

I will iyH be at the Shloshim, which will have a few very short speeches. I understand that R' Gottlieb will be one of them, and sometime contributor/commenter to this blog and good friend of mine Reb Abe (who is excellent and always asked to speak) will be another.

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  1. f course R Gottlieb will speak- it's his shul. who's reb abe? i think i know who you're talking about, but not sure. please report here how the shloshim is and who spoke and if anything anyone said stuck out in your mind. will his wife be there?
    thank you for informing the oilam about being able to support online via paypal