Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Small Nisim and Small Packages

A couple of nice stories...

Story #1: My co-worker, who is not religious, came over to tell me about the small 'nes' (miracle) that happened to him last night (his words). He realized he didn't have any candles to light for Chanukah, so he planned on going to the Judaica store nearby after work. Unfortunately, work didn't end until 8pm for him - so he was going to try and get some then, though he didn't know where. But then he was invited out by his manager to drinks on 43rd St., and couldn't really pass it up - but by the time he came out, it was already close to 10:00. Where could he find candles at such a late hour?

He usually walks across 45th Street to get to his apartment on the East Side, but since the bar was on 43rd, he decided to walk across 42nd Street instead. As he was walking, he reached the corner of 42nd and 5th Avenue - and lo and behold, what does he see? A 15-16 year old Chabad kid giving out candles for people to light! He offers to pay a couple dollars and is refused - "They're all to be given out" - and takes home his candles and happily lights his menorah.

Story #2: This morning, as I got off the bus to get onto the subway, there was a woman trying to take a baby (in a snap-and-go) down the steps... and walk her child who was probably about 3 years old down, as well. She noticed the crowds coming off the buses behind her, and wanted to hurry down the steps, and tried encouraging the 3-year old to walk down on her own - but the girl wanted to hold her hand. So she tried to walk her down quickly, but the child was taking her time, holding the railing with her other hand and counting "1! 2! 3! ..." as she walked down the steps. The mother said to her, "C'mon, hurry..." and walked a couple of steps further down to encourage the girl to do so, but a lady right behind me called out to the mother, "Don't rush her! She's counting!" I thought this was really nice.

The mother still felt bad about the crowd, though, and tried again saying to the girl, "C'mon, honey, hurry - people are trying to get to work." Again the lady called out, "It's okay!" It was nice to see so many people patiently waiting, smiling, as the little girl continued her way down the steps.

Story #3: From SIL: Ben (5) and Hen (3) were standing on a stool watching me make latkes last night. The stool is a about a foot and a quarter wide, so it was challenging for both of them to stand comfortably. (Ben suggested that we either get another stool or skinnier feet.)

Ben: Hen, could you tell your yetzer hara to stop pushing me!


  1. I brought Chanuka Coins to work today and they went REALLY quickly! It seems like even non-jews are familiar with the chanuka coin tradition...
    I'll be waiting for my eggnog.

  2. Or, you know, they like chocolate.

  3. snap-and-go

    Anybody else ever notice how the people using these never do.

  4. A lubavitch kid walked up to me and said, are you jewish, and I looked at him and he looked back at me and said oops sorry

  5. Why are Americans taught that we light the menorah on Chanukah, when it's a chanukiah? Very strange.

  6. Rea - Hehe.

    G - So true...!

    SE - LOL!

    Abbi - Ah, because it worked once, and now nobody knows better!

  7. Story #1 - awesome.
    #2 - very nice
    #3 - :)