Saturday, December 08, 2007

let's focus on ME, people!

Ah!! It's contagious! I was TAGGED!!!
7 random facts about me. here goes.

1. I'm obsessed with dimples. And I know that obsession is a strong word. As a kid, I would sit with my fingers poking into my cheeks hoping the indentations would stay. Boy was I upset when I found out it's just a muscle weakness. Now I just poke my fingers into the cheeks of every person I meet who was graced with lovely dimples. Just ask CornerPoint! A few weeks ago I was at a friend's house and someone managed to get a jellybean to stay inside her dimple!

2. I'm petrified of worms. Which is strange, given that i love snakes, bugs, frogs, etc. I was that annoying camper who used to terrorize my counselors by bringing caterpillars into the bunkhouse... We still can't figure out why I'm so freaked out by worms. I hate walking outside after it rains when all the shriveled worms are dotting the sidewalks.... BLECH!

3. I'm addicted to my tweezers. I pluck while I'm on the phone, before my shower, after my shower, while I'm deciding what to wear in the morning, etc. My friend recently commented that every time she walks into my room, my tweezers and mirror are on my bed. In 10th grade I actually resorted to plucking my legs when i ran out of eyebrow hairs to pluck. It may be an addiction but hey, at least I don't have a unibrow!

4. I always walk on the left of the person or group I'm with. Some call it OCD. I call it, hey, it doesnt interfere with my life, so get off my case and let me go around you.

5. I always sleep in a sweatshirt, even in the summer. Actually, especially in the summer if the air conditioning is on. Just as long as it's not stuffy. Stuffy is probably the only variable with which I cannot sleep. I like sweatshirts because I love being warm and cozy. Being in a sweatshirt is like being in a hug. The biggest problem is choosing which to wear- I have quite a large collection, mostly from camps and schools and such, but others from my friends' camps and schools and such. I especially love when a sweatshirt smells like the person from whom I permanently borrowed it...

6. I'm makpid about shva na and shva nach. (For non-Hebrew readers, that's a pronunciation thing about which many- probably most- orthodox people are lax.) Probably get that one from my father, who is a real stickler for pronunciations. I'm also fanatic about grammar (see my post about 'a whole nother' for details...) So for the record... it's "U'meekol tuv l'olam al yechaSIraynu."

7. I know both the Greek and military alphabets in song. I know, I'm a nerd. With way too much time on my hands. But it's fun. I'm currently working on memorizing Tom Lehrer's version of the periodic table of the elements and Yakko Warner's (from the Animaniacs) "All the nations in the world." I'll get back to you when they're done.

So. Think I'll ever get married?


  1. 1) Hey, I used to have those! :P

    2) Aren't those shriveled up things the slugs, usually? :::shudder:::

    3) ::::::::::

    4) Heh. As we've discussed... I'm an "outside" person. On the left on the right side of the street, on the right on the left side...

    5) Interesting on the smell... I used to love sleeping in sweatshirts either when napping on a couch or when I didn't feel well. Otherwise... yuck. Too hot. I was of the "box fan in the middle of the winter on high - in Milwaukee" school of thought.

    6) Woo!

    7) You should go to medical school. You for sure can become a brain surgeon.

  2. Sure you'll get married. There are plenty of smart guys out there who would appreciate a girl as interesting as you.

  3. You're nuts, Po.

    But I'll keep you, anyway.

    And to keep the smell, you gotta keep sending it back for a quick wash in the person-to-whom-it-belongs's house.

  4. 1. ME TOO

    2. ME TOO. Except I don't like any other bugs either.

    3. Noooo comment. :D

    4. Hmm. Weird.

    5. I also don't like sleeping in stuffy environments. Sleeping in a sweatshirt makes me all hot and stuffy though. I prefer a nice shmushy blanket.

    6. Agreed.

    7. Nerd. Although I consider that to be a very worthy endeavor. Is the periodic table song like very very very fast? "Theeeeere's ..." Like that?

  5. 2. Funny, I don't like bugs but I love worms, snakes, frogs, etc. Hehe.

    5. I'm the exact opposite. I always sleep in a T-shirt unless it's FREEZING in which case I sleep in a long sleeve t-shirt. I like to be cool when I go to bed and then curl up in my blanket for warmth. Yummmm.

    6. I'm a grammar freak sometimes, too, so yay!

    7. I know Latin grammar songs! And I totally want to learn the Yakko's nations (and their capitols) song by heart. Yay nerds!

  6. Took me a bit to realize it wasn't Ezzie who uses the tweezers...

  7. ok. i have never seen play with ezzies dimples... maybe cus he has no more since they are now covered in layers of flub. Anyhow Elianna knows the dimple thinggy as SJ's trademark you cant take that from her.. yyour the fishy face and SJ is the dimple dooer.

    I have seen you eat gummy worms though...

    great, ill hand you rthe chicken next week and you can pluck all its feathers.. as for the rest of your plucking its TMI or TMVI.

    I dont think I have ever seen you walk, when you are at my house you stay within its confines and dont leave unless it's in a car, I look foward to one day being zocha (see, proper dikdik) to have you walk on my left side.

    sweatshirts are cuddly but do you pick one based on whom you want a hug from that day? What if you want a bunch of hugs do you wear a bunch of sweaters and layer them? Then its like a really hopt and sweaty group hug.. ugh!

    I wont even get into the proper dikduk thing until everyone stops saying shabasim!

    One question, when you sing the alphabet in all these foreign languages do they end with 'next time wont you sing with me"? If not, it's noooooooo fun!

  8. 1. I used to want dimples, too. But I'm not obsessed with them.

    2. I actually like worms, sort of. I feel bad for them when they get stuck out on the sidewalk after the rain. When I was a little kid I used to pick them up and throw them back on the grass.

    3. I once knew a girl who was at least as bad as you. She plucked her legs also. And she's married now! ;-)

    4. Feel free to walk on my left side, doesn't matter to me. But you'll probably get whacked by my bag, if I'm carrying one, because I almost always carry my bags on the left.

    5. I like clothes that smell like their people too (provided it's a good smell). It reminds me of them. :) But then how do you wash them? Won't that wash out the smell?

    6. Ooh ooh, me too! Bad pronunciation annoys the heck out of me. Good, now I know I'm not the only one.

    7. I know them, too (although not in song)! We must be twins. :-P

  9. ezzie- my friend informed me that the official name for a person who stands on the 'outside' is the "Bulletcatcher". sounds great.

    corner- so nu! take it back and wash it!

    apple- thats the song! i love it... only memorized the first like 3 lines though...

    erachet- (i still pronounce it wrong btw... can't change it in my head...) Latin grammar songs? STRANGE!

    muse- you never know with ezzie...

    ser- um, there is another reason i wouldnt poke ezzies dimples... duh.
    and why would i walk when i can stay in your house and have everyone come visit? I just put on whichever sweater i can find. usually there are two or three crunched in the corner of my bed.
    i SAY shabbasos. and tizki l'mitvos. and seuda shlishis.
    and the greek alphabet ends with "fun much so is alphabet greek the" because the online translator only translates it into greek letters, not sounds!

  10. If you love dimples, I have just two words for you. Tony Romo.

    Ask Ezzie to explain it.

  11. Gain enough weight and you'll have those lovely dimpled elbows 19th century literature waxes on about...

    *ducks and runs*

  12. I have just two words for you. Tony Romo.

    Here are two more: Kill me

  13. "I'm makpid about shva na and shva nach"

    just for ritual matters or in conversation also?

  14. Glad you finally caught it, but refuah sheleima:)

    1)i just don't understand it...

    2)i only like frogs and snails, but i don't hate worms, just touching them. i used to catch frogs and snails though all the time(fine, i still do:P)

    3)absolutely no idea what you mean;)

    4)still working on that one, but to each his own:)

    5)ugh. hate being stuffy, but love comfy sweatshirts, especially if they smell nice:)

    6)i'm hopeless

    7)I love Tom Lehrer! He's so funny:) But the periodical song is my least favorite. couldn't you memoriza another one-free entertainment!

  15. 2) Aren't those shriveled up things the slugs, usually? :::shudder:::
    EZZIE!!!!! EWWWWWWW. no, shriveled up = worms!!!! slugs are also out after rain though. ugggh