Monday, December 17, 2007

Halakhic Humor (on Christmas)

Courtesy of our old family friend Aryeh Frimer...*
The Cohen family was on very good terms with their Roman Catholic neighbors, the O'Briens. In fact, little Yaakov Cohen and Christopher O'Brian from next door would play together from time to time. Or at least they used to.

Well, one late December's day, Duncan O'Brien, the non-Jewish father, came storming in to the Cohen's house holding poor Yaakov by the ear. "Your son is not going near my Chris again; he just has no respect for us and our religion!"

"What's the matter; what did he do?" inquired Mr. Cohen.

"I'll tell you". said Duncan in a rage. "He saw our Christmas tree and started making fun."

"Really, what did he say?" continued Mr. Cohen.

Duncan said, "He saw our tree and started asking all sorts of ridiculous questions - which kinds of pine trees can be used for a Christmas tree? What's the minimum required height? How close to the window does it need to be? Do too many decorations render it unfit? What if it's under a neighbor's balcony?!"
* He often makes up his own jokes, though I don't know if he wrote this or got it from someone.


  1. very cute...

    im sending it to my father. he will most likely enjoy.

  2. i just got that email from my father last night. i wonder.....

  3. Robert Rabinowitz, P.A.

    he wrote at the end of that joke. Maybe he is the one who wrote that joke not Frimer.

  4. if you were really funny, instead of stealing other peoples stuff, you would have written ur mesechta on christmas trees

  5. SE - Hehe.

    When I want humor, I count on you, Holy Hyrax, and G. :)

  6. Heh :-)

    Reminds me of Eisav and the salt...

  7. special ed, oooooooooohhhh ouch! G, s/he beats you down. Ouch!

  8. I think he meant that to me, S&S :P

  9. G-took a little while to get into, but definitely worth it! Very funny:)

  10. Just saw your X-Mass Post. Many thanks for your footnote. I enjoy good humor but I rarely write my own material. This is someone elses. Warm regards
    Aryeh Frimer