Tuesday, December 25, 2007

SerandEz Questions


All right, everyone, I want all of your opinions. This blog is going to be taking a step down the next few months at least, which means certain parts are going to be cut to an extent. I have my own favorite parts to this blog, and I'm sure many people will say 'your blog, do as you please', and that's fine, but I'm curious what parts all of YOU enjoy the most about this blog. So, feel free to put them in order of 'importance' to you, to explain, to criticize, to critique, to complain, to ask, and the like. I want honest takes on what goes on here and what people like and what bothers people. So let's go!
  • 1) My own writing. (Rare, I know.) Those rare spurts where I actually sit down and write. Are those any good? Are they interesting? Are they worth reading?
  • 2) Roundups. Those little pointers to the stuff I like out there that I think people can get something out of reading. Are they quality? Do you bother going? If you do, do you feel like they were worth reading?
  • 3) Life at SerandEz. Ser, Ez, & Elianna!
  • 4) Sports! (I wonder how many people will place this last.)
  • 5) Politics, national issues, law, 'moral' issues - I'm lumping them all together because people seem to either like all of them or none of them, but feel free to separate them out. Are these interesting, annoying, repetitive...?
  • 6) Israel and life in Israel. Very different topics, but people generally seem to like or dislike both. Do you have any interest? Do you care?
  • 7) Videos - funny, cool, interesting, whatever. Do they bring smiles or insights to your day?
  • 8) The discussion: From the interesting to deep to funny comments that go on. Are they interesting? Are they discussion-worthy? Are they fun? Are they a waste of time, whiny, repetitive, obnoxious?
  • 9) The chiller. Is SerandEz just a nice, pleasant place to come to because it's not really about anything; just a little random friendliness and some fun people commenting here and there - no attacks, no bashing, just good ol' food for thought? Or eh.
  • 10) Jewish community issues. From education to economics to 'shidduchim' to unity or lack thereof; news items to stories to what should or needs to be done. Are these good, interesting, insightful, worthwhile? Or whiny wastes of time? Somewhere in between?
I'm not looking for anything specific here. I'm mostly curious what's worth keeping and what isn't. I know what I enjoy, but I simply don't have the time for all of it - so if I've got to narrow it down and it doesn't make a difference to me, I may as well hear what everyone else has to say. After all, isn't blogging all about the discussion with your friends? Or is that just me?


  1. In order of preference: 1, 2, 8/10 (I think they're connected...people like to discuss the issues), 3, 5, 6 (sorry, I can go to Jameel for this), 7, 9, 4.

    You were right, sports lose. :-P

  2. Honestly, one of the things I like best about this blog is that it IS such a mixed bag, and I never know what the topic will be, or whether I'm in for something serious, funny, poignant, etc. (Aside from the sports and politics, though I'm sure you could figure that out).

    I like the randomness, the variation, and the scope of your roundups that usually point me to some very interesting things I probably wouldn't have discovered otherwise.

  3. You're blog is in many ways like Porn; there's no real description but when it should be categorized as such you know iit.

    You'll know what's worht blogging about and what isn't. Enjoy busy season.

  4. No particular order, except for the sports, which totally lose. Sorry! :P Well, probably the videos as well, since most of the time I'm in school and don't have access to sound. : ( More Elianna please!!!

  5. I like all the topics covered on your blog. I like the stories about you and Serach dating the most, closely followed by stories involving Elianna. I like the political and sports stories the least, not because your ideas are uninteristing, but when I want that sort of thing, I can go to a lot of other blogs. Most of the time I want to escape politics. And you don't root for my sports teams, so phooey on your Browns, Indians and Cavs. Go Lakers! Go Dodger Blue! :-P

    Have a great Shabbat!

  6. Ezzie, the fact that you would even worry about what others like about your blog, shows what a nice person you are. Your mother must be proud! I'm with raggedymom (us moms must stick together)'s the mixed bag that makes your blog so nice to come and read (even for an old lady like me). If you knocked out the sports though, I wouldn't be sad :)

  7. It's a good mix (although I must agree about the sport being last in preference... it's that I don't like sport, it's just that not everyone in the world follows american teams or knows about that stuff).

    (I do like the roundups though cos I am too lazy and it's nice that you are less lazy and actually read stuff and share the quality posts.)

  8. Hi Ezzie,

    I don't think any part of your blog is tiresome - though I'm not into sports, so I skip that :)
    I do usually anticipate and look forward to your roundups - because I don't get to 'blog-hop' all that much - so you cut the work down for me, I do find bits and pieces of your own life of interest, and thoughts that you scribble here and there :) - and I like your videos (minus sports).
    Also here and there you have contributors - and I like reading their writing too.

    Good Luck!

  9. 1, 2, 5, 8. Especially stuff I can argue with. :-)

  10. I'm going to echo RaggedyMom on this one.

  11. your blog, do as you please. :)

    I like the round-ups and the sports stuff (especially the posts where you tout the Cleveland teams and then, subsequently scurry away when they lose!).

  12. I'm with Cruisin'-mom and "the only way I know". You really have a great blog- very interesting, at times poignant, sometimes hilarious and almost always there's some food for thought.

  13. I like it when you write. The videos vary, I guess according to taste,and take time, so I guess those can go for this crunch time. No sports, unless is the New York Yankees. And of course, Israel, as in life in.

    But really its a great blog,and I wouldn't have you change anything if I was given that choice. Maybe you should quit your job and blog full-time?

  14. In no particular order, 2, 3, and 10, or whatever you can manage with your busy schedule!

  15. I miss the old roundups. They were pretty good.

  16. I'm with raggedymom here, but if something has to go, I vote...SPORTS. With politics a close second. :D

    I love everything else about this blog, though!

  17. Ezzie - I love your roundups. Whatever you do, don't cut those.


  18. Elianna, roundups, Elianna, Elianna... and stuff about other cities I won't hear about otherwise ;)

    I love that I can walk into Subway or (whoops, can't say Abba's) and run into people from my own 'burg, LOL...

  19. Did you rant about eminent domain and Univ Hts at all??

    c'mon, we know you have it in you, LOL...

    (I'm just baiting you because I don't know anything beyond what I just typed) ;)

  20. Do whatever the heck you want, for as you can see from everyones comments "..... the people who matter, don't care"!

  21. "You're blog is in many ways like Porn..."

    --Ah!! Nachas!

  22. I'm with Raggedymom and whoever agreed with her:) Whatever you do, just don't stop blogging completely:)

  23. 1, 2, 5, 6 and 10 equally are tops.

    7, 8 and 9 are next on the list.


    then 4 (I once in a while post something sports related as well, but nobody is interested. for sports commentary, there are so many much better places to go....)

  24. Appreciate very much the round-ups, usually enjoy the videos, feel like the people who are "discussing" on here are somewhat normal by my warped definition of normal yet diverse, appreciate the discussion of community issues because you seem to have your head on straight and much of this stuff needs to be said somewhere by a layperson. BTW, is it whiny and not accomplishing much? I think it's venting and not accomplishing much, but I can't afford a psychologist and if I did, I would not have time to discuss community issues with him/her. Anyway, thanks. I always come back to this blog even when I tire for a few months from the others. You, Orthonomics, and Rabbi Horowitz--maybe that last one is just the masochistic side of me.
    Oh, and thanks for responding to people's comments. Neil F. does that too. It's very human of you.

  25. I like the roundups (even though it's been a long time since you linked to MY wonderful blog) and the Jewish community issues best.

  26. love the roundups and your writing. The sports I'm not a big fan but thats because I don't really follow...keep up the great work!

  27. I have zilch interest in sports, but otherwise, I like the mix. Hope you'll be able to say hi now and then between now and April 16, when you accounting types come up for air.

    Wife of CPA

  28. I like when you write, in particular, because that's the only way I really get to "know" you. I like the roundups--I usually don't have time to sort through JRants. And the discussions round out my top three.

    I'm sorry I haven't been around in a while. I'm just taking it a day at a time.

  29. 3,6,7,8,10 ... one thing i would suggest is that you state your perspective with in the frum world (i.e. charedi rebel with moder ortho tendencys etc...)

  30. Ezzie, you know that we are expecting you to answer each and every one of these comments...isn't that one of the things we love most about your blog? ;)

  31. Scraps - :P Thank you!

    RM - Thank you so much, that was very sweet. :) That's kind of what I think, so it's nice to hear it so quickly (and agreed with by so many).

    SE - LOL. That was AWESOME.

    Irina - Heh. I hear that's common, actually... lots of people at work can't watch anyway.

    Fern - Interesting points on the political/sports stuff - thanks!

    CM - Aww, thanks 'mom! (All the anti-sports, oy.)

    ~Sarah~ - Thanks!! It's nice to know people appreciate the roundups...

    TOWIK - I love how everyone says "oh, except the sports..." Oy. And thanks for mentioning the other contributors - I left them out because I love them and they're staying (too bad on anyone who doesn't like).

    JA - :D I knew you'd say those...

    Apple - How original!

    David - As I like to say to you often: I hate you. :P

    Bubbie - Thank you so much!

    Baila - Yankees!? Oy. And I WISH. That would be amazing...

    Anon - Thanks!

    Jack - Time, time...! Thanks.

    Erachet - :P Shocker. (Me too!)

    WBM - Thank you!

    Chana - Heehee :) And no, I skipped that... too painful.

    Serach - :P

    G - See? I'm not the only one who appreciated.

    MH - Chas v'shalom!! ;)

    RafiG - Thanks!

    AnonMom - Thank you very much. That's exactly my view, which is why I love SL/Wolf/R'H/et al.

    MiI - I know I know :( - thanks!

    JBM - Even the guys aren't backing me?! Oy. Thanks!

    Shira - May 1st. I do audit. UGH.

    Rivka - Good to see you!! Thank you for your input, and I think that's something we all need to do sometimes - good luck, and tischazki.

    2cents - (shrug) I have no "stance", really. Thanks for the comment!

    CM - :P Happy!?

  32. Sports is last (you knew the women would place it there, right?) closely followed by videos because I pop in from w*rk and can't watch 'em anyway.

    Roundups are good, discussions good, random other stuff good. Things like politics and Israel fall somewhere in the middle.