Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Freud & Batman

All right, here's a fun project for everyone. My friend is writing a paper on Freud and Batman. Now all he needs are good examples and ideas that fit into that... who wants to give him some? :)


  1. Batman hides behind a mask of insecurity

  2. Oh, the possibilities are endless. Batman is insecure (hence the mask), homosexual (hence Robin), infantile (his butler Alfred takes care of all his daily living needs), prone to exhibitionism (check out the mansion, flashy car, and the neckerchiefs he wears as Bruce, and of course, that Batman costume, with the very tight pants, shiny leather boots, and ostentatious but non-functional cape. The guy's a ticking timebomb of sexual repression just waiting to explode.

  3. wait...
    he witnessed the murder of his parents, sabotages all female relationships other than the one that is the most destructive (Catwomen), bad ass alter ego, timid real life persona, irrepressible rage, emotionally unavailable father figure (Alfred), maintains a lavish lifestyle while eschewing it all to spend time in a cave...yeah, I got nothin'

  4. I was going to say the tights, but that got covered and then some. Fun! I'd love to read THIS paper when it is finished - can you post it?

  5. on a related, not exactly topic. interesting book: Up, Up and Oy Vey: How Jewish History, Culture, and Values Shaped the Comic Superhero. The guy has a website and speaks around town:

    p.s. batman always struck me as repressed (as played by Bruce Wayne) and controlling.

  6. Not sure how, but this analysis of one of his nemeses might be relevant.

  7. Please don't take away Batman's repressed anger. It makes him so cool.

  8. I can't do this.
    It's sacriligious.
    And while the cape may be ostentatious, it's certainly not non functional.
    But I digress...

    Of note, here's a website worth checking out, although it maintains the opposite of all the suggestions here: