Monday, December 17, 2007

Chinese Food on Christmas

(Hat tip: SaraK) Some of y'all may remember the original song from last year; the writer - Brandon Harris Walker - has now made a whole music video for the song, and well... I think it's hilarious.

Note: Apparently some people on YouTube thought a couple scenes were a little off-color; I think that a little sense of humor and they're really just funny. My favorite part is when they all start pulling stuff out in the movie theater.


  1. people in my family have been known to bring their own popcorn to the movies too...

  2. This video was discussed at a wedding I was at last night (I hadn't seen it yet.). One of the girls mentioned having brough deli roll to the movies once.

  3. Very cute. I agree, there were a couple of spots of poor taste (like stopping the car to pick up a penny...grrrr) but overall it was cute.