Thursday, December 27, 2007

Imagine: On Love and Lennon

I recently read an amazing article entitled "Imagine: On Love and Lennon." Ezzie read it as well, and requests that I inform you that he thinks you should print it out and read it on Shabbos. He says that it was excellent as well as being awesome.



  1. Enjoyed the writing style, big time.

  2. Read the whole thing? At your Shabbos table? Wow. Uhm, those would be some patient guests! I think it's a great piece, but just a teensy, tiny, tad bit too long for the Shabbos table. It has 9 parts! NINE! When I cut and pasted it into a Word document, it was 23 pages long and just under 16,800 words!

    Or maybe that's just me and my ADD brain. Because I could never quietly sit still and listen to someone read for 30 minutes.