Tuesday, December 11, 2007

let's sing together, "Sh-a-a-a-bos!"

Who's excited for shabbos????


  1. It's only Tuesday, dude.

  2. HEEHEE!!

    I was GOING to write a post "The Shabbaton Is Coming!!!!", but I see you beat me to it...! :)

  3. I'm so not excited anymore.

    After being excited for the past month and a half, it sorta fizzled out.


    PSYCHED!!! :-P

  4. after posting that last comment, i realized it made me sound kinda like a surfer dude. so not cool.

    I'm totally there man!:)

  5. I figure we should make a tally of all the candy.


    1. One pack green sour sticks

  6. Oooh! Oooh! Pick me! Pick me!!

    We finally have an offficial shabbaton post on which to leave our comments! Hoorah!

    And picking up where the thread on Mad Hatter's blog left off...I see we're back to the candy already. :)

    I'll bring sour bears and gummy worms--and any other requests that are put to me, or anything else I feel like at the moment.

  7. ick.
    the kind of candies mentioned don't do well with my digestive system.
    they kind of. just. sit. making everything else sort of well... yknow.
    i'd rather ya'll bring chicken to nosh on!!
    ooh, popcorn! i want freshly popped popcorn!
    (anyone know where i can pick some up?)

  8. ok i may not be around for this shabbos to reveal my true identity, but I don't think I am full fledge blogger anything.
    But enjoy shabbos!
    And i look forward to shabbos every day of the week. Especially in the months of January - July.

  9. LOL.

    I think Fudge might have popcorn. Ask her.

    Also, as a note... seeing as how apparently I'm losing EVERY battle with everyone about this Shabbaton [see Exhibits A-D: Serach, RaggedyMom, Pobody's Nerfect, MaddHatter], I'm considering G's offer. Of course, watch him end up here while I go there...

  10. Ezzie! Don't even consider it! If you aren't around, who will we all pick on???

  11. Yeah, Ezzie, don't you dare desert us!

    Apple, I don't consider those added to the candy stash until you bring them on Friday...unopened. ;)

    And I will join Pobody's call for nosh other than gummy candy. I don't particularly like gummy candy, especially the sour kind. If I have to, I'll bring it myself!

  12. iPay - you have to come the next time then!

    And we can bring popcorn from the c-store if you want.

  13. "I'm considering G's offer."

    You would think it gets old having everybody always eventually see that your view was right all along...You would be wrong.

    "Of course, watch him end up here while I go there..."

    That's funny. I was thinking about what that would be like...and the theme from JAWS popped into my head.

  14. Ezzie,
    Don't they need you to be the Shabbas Abba?

    Wow, I am so sorry to be missing this shebang. I'll be playing with G's nephews this Shabbas.

  15. Nobody bother bringing candy.
    Just bought out the whole store.
    Not kidding.


  16. i am SO psyched for Boggle motzei shabbos...

  17. Aw! I need to leave early to get back to Stern, so we FOR SURE have to get in a few rounds of boggle before I do. I will eat you all! Except maybe SJ. Or Pobody. Or Serach :P.

  18. I've been brushing up on my Boggle skills online. Not that I have a prayer of winning, but it'll be fun to try. :)

    I think I might bring candy canes, if people will eat them. Anyone?

  19. gummy worms people, GUMMY WORMS!!!

  20. RM - LOL. Real names or blogger names? :)

    Apple - "or Serach" ROTFL!!!!

  21. We wouldn't want to 'out' anybody!! ;)

  22. hey now, no making fun of serach.
    hoge is a word, right? what about flum? grole?

  23. I'm bringing more candy. Sorry.

    Apple, prepare to get eaten. :)

    Best idea ever: We shall all line up and Corner Point (who I think knows fewest people coming) shall have to guess which blogger is which. Silently. And anyone else who doesn't know multiple people will also have to guess. Much hilarity shall ensue.

  24. Apple, no matter what happens sat. night, you are still getting eaten at some point this weekend so HA.

  25. I KNOW EVERYONE!!!!!! AHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA! I can be the moderator of the game! Yay!

  26. I think Pobody might have met all of the attendees as well, if I'm not mistaken. No?

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Pobody has met everyone, yes. :)

  29. jrgetotgpiohtr- thats my new boggle word- it is a word btw. And Apple- when you have a blog name that is a food you are likely to get eaten. I have one question and one suggestion- where in hecks name am I sleeping? I think Ez should go in the bathtub (and if he makes anyone cry this time, he'll be in there with the water on) and we should add to the shabbaton a slumber party- we will all sleep in ezzies room! yay! (Ez- that was for telling everyone if they call my cell 4 directions they'll get lost... Mr. We ended up in Fairlawn then in Teaneck then in Queens on the way back from Teaneck to Queens- and there was no kifitzat h'derech, believe me)... so if you guys want proper directions don't call the 216 number- he'll b in the bathtub lounging!

  30. Ser, you have no idea how hard I laughed when I saw this line:

    (and if he makes anyone cry this time, he'll be in there with the water on)

    I laughed out loud at it's a good thing my boss isn't here today. :-P