Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Check, Check, Che-Wait A Second...

I really enjoyed this post by Bas~Melech on filling out those shidduch questionnaires I've seen (and helped) friends fill out. Excerpts:
It was one of those forms where you have to check off the boxes that describe you.
Great, I thought, multiple choice is so easy.

I got stuck right after the "Name" field.

The first question wasn't. It was simply a list of labels. Affix to forehead as needed.
I thought for a while.
I was relieved to see "Other" as an option. I guess these shadchanim are not as narrow-minded as I'd assumed. I put a check in the adjacent box and wrote "Shomer Torah uMitzvos" in the space provided.

The following part was a little game: I was to read a list of character traits and put a mark by No, Somewhat, or Very as they apply to me.
Outgoing: Well, I'm not the life of a party, but I certainly do go out. I checked "Somewhat."
Friendly: I have friends, but I don't talk to strangers much.
Smart: I'm no dummy, but not Einstein either. "Somewhat."
Materialistic: Hum. They're really hoping to weed out the Japs with this one, aren't they? Let's see, I'm not spoiled but I do live a physical existence. "Somewhat."


  1. Filling out these forms for each other could be an awesome ice breaker...or serandez shabbos table event

  2. Ooh yeah, we could add it to the list of motza"sh activities to do if we get bored of Boggle! :-P