Thursday, June 25, 2009

EZ Reads 6/25/09: Gives Me Hope

  • A fascinating piece by Elliot Abrams in the WSJ, detailing the talks, Sharon's thinking/actions, and what happened back in 2003-2004 in terms of Israel, the settlements, and Gaza.
  • Chana points to the new GivesMeHope site, which is a nice foil to a different site. It's really nice, and GMH.
  • Shaq joins the Cavs. Certainly not a bad move; question is if they could have gotten better elsewhere. LeBron is happy, so that's something.
  • R' Ally on Green Bay to Crown Heights on the Lubavitcher Rebbe's yahrtzeit. Short and interesting.
  • R' Dovid Landesman addresses the "what if the Chazon Ish studied medicine instead" question. Interesting.
  • Via LOR, Lipa thinks we're all too busy to enjoy music. Or life, for that matter.
  • ProfK and Special Ed point out this cost of living calculator. Obviously this is different for the Orthodox community, so fill out the Jewish Economics Survey (link above). :) According to the site, a move to Dallas would allow a 42% salary reduction for me and Serach. Ouch.
  • Search for Emes gets his tuition bill. Ouch.
  • Finally, I've always loved this song. Worth a listen, especially the lyrics.