Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Financial Restructuring of the American Orthodox Community

Hat tip: Harry-er than them all

This article in the Jewish Action (the Orthodox Union magazine) by Mark (Moishe) Bane is one of the best articles on the future of Orthodox Jewry in terms of economics that I've read, and he covers just about every major point that needs to be covered perfectly and succinctly.

Most of all, he notes the need for a more bottom-up approach, including advocating transparency, efficiency, and proper utilization of resources after first understanding what resources are available.

One of my hopes for the Jewish Economics Survey is a twin approach: Creating (and educating) individuals and families which have a sense of control and responsibility over their own personal financial situations, not only for themselves but also to better gauge what we have as individuals and communities available, and to reduce the necessity of organizations and charities in the first place. The more responsible and efficient people are with their own money the more money will be freed up for those in need, while simultaneously reducing the need. It will also foster a greater appreciation and demand for organizations, schools, shuls, and the like that are as cost-conscious and efficient as the people in the community are themselves.