Wednesday, June 24, 2009

EZ Reads 6/23*/09: Iran and Ambidextrousness

* ...because yesterday was the 24th, apparently.

A quick PSA first: My friend Memphis texted me that due to a miscommunication he has two extra Rascal Flatts tickets for tomorrow night that he spent $180 on. If you're interested, e-mail me and I'll put you in touch with him.

SIL sent in a cute question Hen (4-1/2) asked: " Are you a righty, a lefty, or electric?" (ambidextrous)
  • A really interesting read in the Washington Post on how studying the digits of the vote total numbers show just how likely it was that the final results in Iran were messed around with.
  • Harry makes the short point from what's happening in Iran in terms of information control that the Jewish community can learn clearly from it that we can't shut out the outside world and deny it.
  • A hilarious rap video made up of some of the classic sports interviews and press conferences. It's incredibly well made.
  • Old joke Special Ed said on Shabbos: What do you wish someone who is turning 120? Have a nice day! Hirhurim's Ari Enkin writes about living to 120 and beyond.
  • Material Maidel listens in on an interesting conversation about Rabbinic abuse on the subway... with a twist.
Feel free to send in interesting pieces, and enjoy!