Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Week Ahead: Serach in Los Angeles = Freedom! (...just kidding)

Serach is leaving this morning with Kayla to Los Angeles for a week for her cousin's wedding. She'll also be hosting two sheitl sales in LA, at which she'll also have her tichels (scarves) and headbands. The sales are:
Wednesday, June 24th, 7-10 PM, 5318 Teesdale Avenue, Valley Village and
Monday, June 29th, 7-10 PM, 620 South Highland Avenue (city)
Meanwhile, while she's enjoying beautiful LA, I'll be getting our car fixed (finally), taking care of a million things at home (okay, drawing a blank there), watching Elianna, then driving to Philadelphia and Baltimore for the weekend with Elianna before bringing back my sister and niece who will be enjoying a day in New York in honor of Perfect turning 9. One interesting part: My sister asked Perfect, who has celiac, if she would rather go to a Broadway show or eat out at a Kosher restaurant that is all gluten-free for the big treat of their trip. Perfect chose the restaurant, because she said she never gets to eat out! It's both really cute and really sad at the same time.

We'll probably join them at some point Sunday for a little while as well; Monday, Elianna starts camp. Serach returns Tuesday night, landing just before our 5th anniversary ends. (Yes, I am holding this over her head.) On Wednesday, I start working again.

Looks like the next 175 hours or so will be fun!