Saturday, June 20, 2009

Idiots Ruin Things

...for everyone else. What a jerk: (emphasis added)
The Oakland A's have reached a $510,000 settlement with a male attorney suing them because he wasn't given a commemorative cap being handed out to women at an A's game on Mother's Day 2004.

Attorney Alfred G. Rava initiated a class-action lawsuit against the A's because, as a biological male, he was not given a plaid sun hat being handed out to the first 7,500 ladies arriving at the Mother's Day game.

He sued over a commemorative Mother's Day cap? He could have at least held out for the Giambi bobblehead.

The whole context of the promotion make Mr. Rava's legal efforts even more deplorable. The Mother's Day promotion in question was the day of an A's-Twins contest that followed a 5k "Race For a Cure" event, a fundraiser for breast cancer research and support of breast cancer sufferers. The first 7,500 female fans entering McAfee Coliseum for the A's game were given the commemorative hat.

Rava, who has initiated similar lawsuits against the Padres and Angels and was perhaps only attending the game in order to sue, claimed gender discrimination and filed a lawsuit.
I'd love someone to sue the guy for being a shmuck and have a judge award back the money.


  1. the question americans ask all the time: "who can i sue today?"

    it's a crazy world...

  2. Actually, you would use the word "whom" in this instance. The American preoccupation with suing actually has driven malpractice insurance rates so high that the family of a surgeon here feels forced to move out of NY to a place that has limits. Here nearly all his earnings have to cover the insurance costs.

    We need a woman to sue for not being allowed a father's day promotion today to even things out. ;-)
    Happy Father's Day to you, Ezzie.

  3. Cool! There's a place here giving reduced ice cream to fathers today. I think I'll sue.

  4. That should be "reduced price on ice cream."