Monday, June 15, 2009


Random thoughts, comments, funny stories:
  • The old adage is that "Time flies when you're having fun." On the other hand, time seems to just disappear when a lot is going on. Just to think back a month or so, I gave that first presentation on the Jewish Economics Survey May 6th. Only yesterday did I realize that that was only a month ago - it felt as if it were three or four months ago, as so much has happened since then.
  • SerandEz is now an international stopover point. This morning I drove my Israeli cousin to La Guardia for his flight to Chicago; later today I'll be dropping ~Sarah~ from Australia at JFK for her flight to Los Angeles. Between that and our own travels (this past weekend to Harrisburg, yesterday to Brooklyn, next week to LA for Serach, Philadelphia and Baltimore for me), it just feels like the world is in this nice little whirlwind.
  • Two of my closest friends got engaged yesterday (Yeah!!!!!), which really leaves me with very few single male friends. Meanwhile, we know a large number of really great single females. One common refrain we've heard from (and said on occasion to) friends of ours is that even among the guys we know, there are very few we'd be willing to set up. It's sad, really. But at least I get to enjoy watching these guys go! It's crazy to think how long I've known each - 23 and 8 years. That's a long time.
  • Great story:
    Elianna: ~Sarah~ is with her brutha.
    Erachet: Brother.
    Elianna: Brutha.
    Erachet: BrothER.
    Accents are great.