Friday, June 12, 2009

EZ Reads 6/12/09: Haha, English

I've been collecting stuff to post for waaay too long, but it's as good of a day as any to stop being lazy and post some of them.

Ed got me onto an xkcd kick last night, and, well, this is why an English major is garbage: (I kid, I kid! ... sort of :) )

  • Classy move by President Obama, giving a 10-year old a note to miss class. Nice. One kid who won't hate politicians.
  • An interesting piece on why Orthodox women don't wear pants at Jew in the City. Personally, I don't necessarily agree (or disagree) with some of the reasoning, though it's all accurate, but I actually always felt the last point was not to be underestimated and probably the best reason. I also don't think women typically are interested in MC Hammer pants. The only pants-like clothing I've seen girls/women wear that is obviously non-problematic was in Israel, where you actually would think it was a dress they were so loose. That said, what bothers me is the assumption that someone who wears pants doesn't care about halacha or cares less than someone who won't. If their shita is that certain pants are okay, you may disagree, but don't just lump them in the "does not care" crowd. It's sad that a friend felt she had to stop following what she felt was okay halachically because she'd only get set up on dates with people who did not care at all.
  • Interesting piece on "Friend Turnover" at Freakonomics. I'm actually surprised it's as high as it is, assuming we're talking about the person's basic social circle.
  • Adventures in Chinuch doesn't understand the "flipping out" when it comes to secular names. I have to agree: What's wrong with secular names? I think the Rashi on lo shinu es shemam has got to be one of the most mis-applied Rashis in Torah. Look through Gemara - they have almost no "Jewish" names, they're all Aramicized names! R' Akiva? Aramaic for Yaakov. On the flip side, I personally just don't see a need to give kids different English names, particularly today when it's not as if any name is especially strange. My English name: Eliezer Chaim. But for those who do? Why change it?
  • For all the fleish-o-phobes... here's what cheeses not to eat (at Hirhurim) if you want to avoid being milchig. What's funny is it never even came up when I was a kid despite our love of cheese, and I was surprised when my cousins in Israel were waiting 6 hours to eat meat.
  • Cool Coca-Cola art. Recycled cans to make, oh, a truck. Or a dress and a tux. Or a row of Coke zombies. Or... underwear!?
Have a wonderful Shabbos!