Sunday, June 21, 2009

EZ Reads: 6/21/09

Mazel tov to B & JB (of the How I Met Serach series) on their 4th anniversary today! :)
  • Haveil Havalim #222 is up at The Real Shaliach. He has a few links about his upcoming wedding to le7; I always enjoy couples who met through their blogs. Last time I went to a wedding in Milwaukee it was beautiful, not to mention a tiny fraction of the price of one in New York.
  • ProfK has a very interesting look back to how shidduchim would work "back in the olden days".
  • Via NMF#7, President Obama is now calling out FOX for being "too critical". It is mind-boggling how this country has turned, to the point that the only media network that actually presents both sides of stories involving the White House is actually called out by the President. Meanwhile, almost nobody cares. JoeSettler has a piece (about Israel) on how the greatest threat to democracy is apathy. I don't think this country will get that far, but by the time people start caring about what's happening the country will be almost irreversibly changed, to its detriment. Unfortunately, when the subject is primarily economics, 99% of the country seems to think it's beyond them and therefore they have no say. It's sad.
  • Orthonomics has one of the greatest comment threads going on education, tuition, and the Jewish community. Money quote:
    Why are the best and most insightful discussions of one of the most pressing issues in the frum world taking place on a blog??! Where are our leaders, our institutions, our media? Why is this not being addressed directly and seriously by people in positions of authority??

    The cynic in me says that the quality of conversation here on this topic is because it's anonymous, while the situation is so bad no one wants to put their name on the truth. Or worse, because the responsible leaders are well placed in the status quo (how many of our leaders are roshei yeshiva?), and any realistic solutions would change or diminish their power and standing. :-(
  • Some people are too bored:
    Beit Shemesh rabbis issue modesty rules City's religious and secular residents find booklets in their mailboxes instructing women to keep hair tied, wear long-sleeved shirts and skirts without slit
I'm off to pick up Groovin' from the airport.