Monday, June 22, 2009

Dancing is NOT Tznius

Via a friend:
My sister is in Bais Yaakov of Monsey, and they had their end of year assembly today. The principal announced that from now on at the annual play, they are not having dance, because it's not tzniusdik. The end.

[...] Mind you this is the school that barely even lets the girls stand still and clap because all the dance moves they wanna do aren't tzniusdik enough, so they are taking dance out; and in its place they are having something called "musical movements". (She got a laugh from the school when she announced that.)
I'm just glad Serach went to Manhattan High School instead.

All seriousness, I don't get it. At what point will a large chunk of the people in communities and schools like this simply say "Dai!" and either go off or blow up the system? You can only restrict people so much before they finally have had enough - especially when there are alternatives.

Updated - Additional rules, via this friend:
  • Not allowed to cheer vocally (not tzniusdik)
  • Rules about length of earrings
  • Color of tights
  • Color of shoes
  • Can't sit on the floor
  • Can't drink from a bottle (straw only)
  • Send girls home for wearing scarves
Also, as someone else pointed out, MHS is not necessarily much better nowadays.