Monday, June 01, 2009

Truly Pro-Life

While unsurprising, it's important to note how the pro-life movement reacted to the murder of an abortion doctor this weekend:

Leaders of the anti-abortion movement gathered in front of the Supreme Court Monday morning to denounce the murder of abortion doctor George Tiller, who was gunned down Sunday while attending church in Wichita, Kan.

"It is immoral and it is unchristian," Rev. Rob Schenck of the National Clergy Council said of Tiller's murder. He said the reaction to it "becomes a greater setback to the pro-life movement than anything the so-called pro-choice movement could do."

Operation Rescue, a group that closely tracked Tiller's work and legal troubles, condemned the killing as vigilantism and "a cowardly act."

I'm still amazed that this country hasn't started compromise on the issue of abortion in general, by banning at a minimum late-term abortions except for select cases (threat to mother, etc.).