Tuesday, June 23, 2009

EZ Reads, 6/24/09: Sir Ken Robinson & JibJab!

If you've known me or just been a reader of this blog long enough, you might know that one of my favorite videos of all time is a presentation Sir Ken Robinson gave on education at a TED conference a number of years ago. I'm starting to realize just how long this blog has been around, when Erachet (a good friend for a while now) starting talking about it, and subsequently posted about it, and never even heard me go on and on and on about it like I used to do a lot, so here it is, after the other links - recommended for any future parent, teacher, or person who plans on being an adult on this planet. It is about education and creativity, and it is still one of the best things I've ever watched.

  • JibJab continues its brilliance with a hilarious video titled He's Barack Obama! They're so incredibly clever, it's amazing.
  • My mom sent me that and this fascinating piece in the Wall Street Journal about how an Israeli radio station is captivating Iranians.
  • A fantastic, detailed letter to the President on health care.
  • Ariella with a very interesting (academic-ish) piece on Beauty and the JAP.
  • Hirhurim has an interesting piece on women slaughterers, which is really about women becoming rabbonim. Personally, I find the discussion over whether "not seeing is a proof" or not is more important in terms of its applications elsewhere.

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