Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quotes of the Day: Jewish Community

YD, in Finding a Center: The Role of Yeshiva University Part II (I reposted Part I yesterday):
What our community needs is an option in the center. There is a large gap between the Modern Orthodox and Yeshivish communties, which are, in my mind, both generally missing the boat. There is no real community in the middle, only individuals that believe in a more balanced approach to Judaism.
As I basically commented there, people need to help join/create such a community. Instead, even among those people, they are simply weighing which is 'least bad' - the right or the left - when it comes to them and especially their children. (And by and large, they'll choose the right.)

On Da'as Hedyot, in his Better Know A Kofer series:
The frum world is not as good as it thinks it is; the outside world is not as bad as the frum world thinks it is.
I think that's something that's important for us to acknowledge, rather than trying to scare kids into obedient servitude. We should focus instead on showing the advantages of and strengths of an Orthodox life, while acknowledging that as a community we need to strive to do better to get to that level.