Monday, February 18, 2008

With Liberty and Waffles for all.

(A Guest blurb by Jameel)

I've been away for a while.

I just finished writing all about my latest trip adventure, the people I met...and even though Ezzie had a sneak preview of the post, he insisted I post it on his blog as well (or at least a link).

So click on over to the Muqata and see what I've been up to (maybe even get some inspiration at the same time, Ezzie thought it was decent)

Clicking on the waffle brings you to the story (as it should)


PS: A belated Happy Birthday to the Holy Hyrax with the cute pink nails.


  1. Jameel - were you the one who gave Hyrax the gift certificate for that incredible manicure for his birthday?

  2. I'm not even going to dignify these lies with a response. You two, are the worst lowlifes of the lowest order in the lowest point on earth digging yourself lower with a special lowering shovel. You spread lies after lies about me. Jameel, you're just jelous of me cause you know you're miserable in Israel and secretly want to move to LA. And shoshi, well, lets just say we know all your problems. Some of us have recommended you get that thing removed. There are surgeries now-a-days that don't leave any scarring.

    Shame shame shame on you jelous trolls.

  3. Oh, regarding that troll remark... I meant that with all due friendship. I love trolls

  4. HH -
    The only thing we are jealous of is your beautiful hot pink nails ;) Jack - you can check them out here.

  5. Shoshana: I knew it was what he wanted. I wanted to get him a Jack Bauer action figure, but he insisted on a manicure...

    ma laasot.

  6. Jameel -
    You tried your best. Sigh.

  7. I'm not even going to dignify these lies with a response.

    HH: Lies? Pictures don't lie. Your nails were on the blog!

    Just get over it. We still like you anyway :)

  8. Shoshana; Some people are never happy...

    Perhaps it was the shade? Maybe he likes sparkles?

  9. What's your infatuation with me anyways? I know its difficult, but can you guys try to get some friends, or a life?


    Sarah used photoshop on that pic. And might I add, she did a bad job.

  10. Jameel -
    That is a fabulous idea - a Jack Bauer manicure kit - HH and Bauer can have matching sparkly nails :)

  11. HH -
    Those hands look like yours to me. Especially since you are the one who sent me the picture ;)

  12. Why don't you guys start a fan club. Then at least you will have each other.

  13. HH: A fan club? What a marvelous idea!

    The Holy Hyrax Manicure Fan Club!

    Imagine...weekly contests to decide what color looks best on your oh-so-manly hands...or suggestions of what acessories go best with your bling-bling ring.

    When will you start this blog? Or maybe, you'll just make it a weekly edition here on Serandez?

    Adar Sameach ;-)

  14. Whether a blog or weekly edition, it will still be more interesting than your out dated blog.

  15. Jameel -
    I'll help with the fan club - and I have lots of nail polish colors to offer! I totally think Serandez needs a new weekly feature :)

    What do you think of an iridescent green in honor of upcoming St. Patrick's Day? And maybe a four-leaf clover necklace for good luck.

  16. Shoshana: How about a champagne color with hamantache decals?

  17. Jameel -
    Don't be silly. Only the finest jeweled crown decals for HH - he is the queen of the ball, after all :)

  18. shoshana: can't believe you brought that up again :P

  19. Sarah -
    I didn't bring it up, it was all Jameel :)