Sunday, February 10, 2008

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...for what I could not get to last week due to my restrictive status. So while usually the weekend is reserved for actual worthwhile pursuits...

Please read the article below and,if you wish, place in the comments whether you are buying what the piece is selling.

-You believe all of it
-You believe none of it
-You believe parts of it (if so, which parts)
For those of you really looking for a distraction...add the all important WHY? to your choice.

The following comes from an unknown hebrew language paper, the original can be found here
An Orthodox Jew from New Jersey was involved in a car accident and
accidentally killed an old non-Jewish man. Although the courts found
the Jewish man not guilty, he could not carry the pains of the guilt
that he killed an old man. It gave him no peace and it caused him to
lose his appetite and was unable to sleep for weeks.

He decided to seek counsel from the revered sage, Rabbi Chaim
Kanievsky Shlita of Bnei Brak, and wrote him a letter asking the Rav
what tikun can he do because he accidently killed a non-Jew.

The Rav wrote him an answer that included one word, "Amalek".

The Jew did not understand this answer and continued suffering with
sleepless nights. At some point he decided to move away from his town
to begin a new life. He began searching for a new house and found a
house that appealed to him. The owners of the apartment told him that
they are eager to get rid of this house because they inherited from
their dead father that was killed in a car accident.

After short investigation, turns out the apartment belonged to the
non-Jew who was accidentally killed by the Jew. In the basement of
the house, the Orthodox Jew found materials belonging to the old
non-Jew man. He was shocked to find a picture of the old man during
his youth proudly wearing an SS uniform, standing next to Hitler,
yimach shemo.

It turned out that this old man was an SS officer in the Nazi army
and after the war, he came to the United States and hid his past. The
SS Nazi Officer also hid other documents, including all the names of
the Jews he personally murdered.

When he read the names of the Jewish people that were murdered, he
found both of his parent's name on this list.

HaShem avenged their blood.

It was then that he understood Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky Shlita's answer
that contained one word, "AMALEK".


  1. Waaaay too many options. But until I see it sourced somewhere else, too... I'm going to not believe while believing it is possible.

  2. I heard this story at a Shabbos meal a while back and did not believe a word of it then.

  3. The story sounds just too pat and too perfect. I don't believe it. I'd need names and dates and some other people all of whom reported this "incredible" coincidence. Why? Because if this were true it would have made a zillion media outlets, certainly all the "legitimate" Jewish ones and a town in NJ would have been talking about it so much that the blogs would have all known the specifics and so would much of the rest of the world. News travels fast today and this news is awfully sketchy.

  4. Answer: None.
    Why: Because I am a cynic.

  5. Hmm...sounds like an urban names of people or places, except for R' Chaim Kanievsky...and why haven't we seen this published in any reputable newspapers? The media would have had a hay day with this one!
    Check out our site,, for more urban legends about Jews and Judaism!

  6. This story was written up by Nachman Seltzer in the HaMOdia a number of months ago. However, the story as he writes it is that he saw a picture of the man dresses in a Nazi uniform-no mention of finding names.

    In a subsequent issue there was a letter asking if the story was true and Nachman Seltzer replied that it was.

    If you are really skeptical, email him via the HaModia at I am sure they you will forward your question and he will reply. (I actually once asked them about one of his stories and he replied through the magazine)

  7. Others comments sound reasonable....

  8. Also found in the basement was a fish moving oddly and...speaking the name of the Nazi! Imagine that. This fish was very similar to one belonging to the man's young son, a fish the man had mistakenly flushed down the toilet...while...still...alive!

    anonymous mom

  9. I live in Lakewood and remember when the story happened. I believe many of the facts here were changed from the way I heard it but the story was no less amazing. It is easily verifyable. Although I don't remember the fellows name, it was someone I've met and I could easily find out. From personal experience I can say that Nachman Seltzer's stories are very accurate.