Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What The Glob??!!...

...after much debate into the nature, meaning and relevance of the above term, the outcome was along the lines of the following:

-What in the name of strange made up Internet terms is "globbing"?

Princess Consuela D'Tiara--It doesn't mean anything, it just sounds

-So basically you'll donate a buck for any blog post (capped at

Princess Consuela D'Tiara--One per blog(ger)

-Okay...I guess. You just could have said that you would donate a dollar for any post on any topic...but whatever works.

Princess Consuela D'Tiara--You guess it makes sense? It's Adar! Its just something silly that will give money to a good cause.
Princess Consuela D'Tiara--Glob is the "Ve'Nahafoch Hu" of Blog!

-Well no, that would be Golb ::check::
Hey, you invented the word and then saw fit not to give it meaning not to mention requesting a melody "about" said meaningless word.
However, let it not be said that I am an unreasonable person...and so (as this is a request)...any particular genre of music that her ladyship is a fan of?

Princess Consuela D'Tiara--You know how in the Smurfs Smurf means everything? Kind of like that...

Ahhhhhhhhhh...Yes, yes I do...

--The following is intended strictly for the private use of our audience. Any reproduction in any form or by any means without the express written consent of the NBA is strictly prohibited.--

Glob - all I really want is glob
And in the morning it's glob
Cause in the evening it's glob

I like the way that they glob
And it's chill to hear them glob
And I can always make glob smile
From White Castle to the Nile

Back in the day
There was this glob around the way
Glob liked my glob-piece Ser&Ez
He said he would not glob glob play
I asked him, "Blog?" - he said, "No way."
“How about ‘Glob’?” – he said ok!
If glob would dance - I would Glob.J.
We took a glob down to the bay

I hope glob say, "Hey me and you should glob the
I globbed glob out - glob said, "No way!"
I should've probably globbed her glob
So I globbed up with no delay
I heard glob globbed real glob away
That was two globs ago this May
I seen glob just the other day

Glob - to do the globes’
Glob - to glob up my glob
Glob - to do the globry
Glob - and in the globroom
Glob - that's all I really want is glob
Two at a glob - I want glob
With new wave globdos - I want glob
- glob, glob, glob, glob, glob,
glob, glob, glob,
glooooooooooooob! Yeah!!