Thursday, October 06, 2005

Shidduch Music Video

(EDIT: Forgot to put Hat Tip) (Hat tip: Kickboxer)

This was shown originally at the Lander Purim chagiga... it's hilarious. I'm not sure how it got into the public forum, but since it has, I have no problem posting the link. (low standards, I know...) [Link is the title]

[UPDATE:] Apparently, many (all?) of the Lander chagiga videos from the past two years are available if you go to Google video and type in 'Lander' [edit: or Landers, Lander College, Lander video, or Lander College for Men] - they're all pretty funny, some you need to be in Lander to get. Enjoy! (Too bad the previous year's are not in - that year was hilarious...)

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  1. Ezz, I'm not impressed. 3 days without any posts and this is all you can come up with? Lander videos? c'mon! Where else can I get some comedy, a large dose of politics, very little sports...?

  2. Haha, Neuf - remind me not to have you over again, and I'll post on Rosh Hashana :)

  3. I wonder where you found the video would you share it with us?

  4. A friend forwarded it, asking if I knew the guys, saying it was hilarious. It's a Google video now, not sure who put it up (my friends did this past year's shpiel, 2 years ago was one of their brothers and his friends).

  5. gotta agree with "Neuf" - the level of blogging is certainly not what it was last year...(sorry, couldn't help it).

  6. Oh, that was really bad, Reb Abe... well, to make you guys happy, there's something new and substantive at top. Enjoy! (Oh yeah, it's only half done, too!)