Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Academia, Law, & Journalism

Tel-Chai Nation (title link) points to an excellent study by David Horowitz and Joseph Light regarding the ideologies passed down to students at premier colleges and universities throughout the country. He found it through Moonbat Central, who had this to say:
Leftwing professors are systematically brainwashing young lawyers and journalists, encouraging them to ply their trade in the fashion of a Hillary Clinton or a Dan Rather instead of a John Adams or a Benjamin Franklin. This is the sad conclusion of a new study by David Horowitz’s Center for the Study of Popular Culture (CSPC). The survey confirms what most of us long suspected — that leftist ideologues dominate the faculties of American law schools and journalism schools by an overwhelming margin.
The study found that most law and journalism professors at elite schools identify themselves as Democrats. This finding has special significance in today’s polarized environment, in which Democrats have evolved into a full-fledged party of the left in the European mode. Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean recently told NBC’s Tim Russert that he sees little substantive difference between a "liberal Democrat" and a "Democratic socialist." In such times as these, registering for the Democratic Party plainly implies opposition to mainstream American culture, values and tradition.
Most disturbing are the final numbers they came up with. For example, in premier law schools:
Columbia, 46 Democrats; just 2 Republicans. Stanford: 28-1. NYU: 68-5. Harvard: 45-7. Yale: 46-5.
In schools of journalism:
Columbia, 15-1. USC, 13-1. NYU, 8-2. Berkeley - for all its celebrated "diversity" - 10 Democrats, 0 Republicans.
Sad. The rest of the study is interesting as well... Check it out.

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