Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sharon Stands Strong

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Though I was against the disengagement, I have been continually impressed with Ariel Sharon's actions since. (emphasis mine)
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon pledged Tuesday to continue with steps toward peace with the Palestinians, but only if they do their part first, while ruling out new initiatives.

Sharon ruled out new peace plans. "We have nothing new to invent," he said. "We have a plan the Cabinet accepted, the road map, that can be implemented if the Palestinians do their part. I definitely plan to continue this." Israel insists the Palestinians must dismantle violent groups before Israel takes any steps.

In the past, Israeli governments - including Sharon's - have been too easily swayed by international pressure to make further concessions. It seems that the disengagement so shocked the world - in that it actually came to pass - that they could not react immediately. At this point, there is nothing to say or do other than agree with Sharon's assessments.

Perhaps Sharon is a genius after all.

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