Sunday, October 09, 2005

SerandEz - Best Recent Posts

Before my actual post, let me explain my idea (please read that post! It gives a much broader perspective on this concept!) regarding open trackbacks, which I wrote about in full a couple of weeks ago - and actually tried once earlier, with some success:
I trackbacked to a new post of mine in which I listed the people who were hosting, and my post itself consisted of a mini-carnival of my own posts. I split up about two weeks' worth of posts by category, and wrote little one-liners explaining what each post discussed. My reasoning was simple: Open trackbacks are essentially invitations for bloggers to show off some of their work; why not show off a whole slew of examples, but instead of sending a million trackbacks, send one - and then let the bloggers themselves choose what subjects may interest them. Everyone wins: I get to show off my work, and the rest of the blogosphere can more clearly ascertain what posts of mine may interest them - if any.
My only innovation, if it can be called that, is the self-aggrandizing - yet guest-friendly - "self-carnival," as one commenter put it. I'm curious if others have done so in the past - I'm not so naive or egotistical to think I'm the first - and how it worked out, and I'm also interested in other people's thoughts on the matter.
(As a side note... if it is an idea people are interested in duplicating, what should it be called? A "self-carnival"? A "self-carnival open trackback submission" [SCOTS]? An "Everyone Go Out and Blog Over Outlandish and Selfish Trackbacks" [EGOBOOST]?)
To me, the idea of bloggers creating these self-carnivals every once in a while seems like a wonderful way to introduce the rest of the blogosphere to one's own blog - something that is especially important for those who are new at blogging, such as myself. It's different than the sections that many place on their blogs, and - at least the way I imagine it and did it - is primarily focused on recent posts, such as over a 1- or 2-week period. I think it's a wonderful idea, but I'm biased. What do you think?
And now, onto my post, which is being sent to the kind hosts of open trackbacks - including: Stop the ACLU, California Conservative, WizBang, Basil, Cafe Oregano, My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, Big Dog, Cao, Point Five, bRight & Early, The Political Teen, and Jo's Cafe.

A brief synopsis of my own recent posts: (please feel free to peruse the archives too!)
Political/Middle East: No Matter What: President Bush gave an excellent speech, no matter whether you normally agree with him or not; a suicide bombing in Oklahoma is something to be concerned with, no matter if the bomber was a terrorist or just troubled.
It's shameful how many Senators voted on John Roberts, a clearly qualified candidate - and why. He still did better than Hamas, who of course blamed Israel for their strong response to rocket attacks. Sharon may yet prove he is one of the smartest tacticians of the past century.

Media Bias: The Guardian showed its stupidity, while Sir Humphrey breaks down the BBC's pictures. I found some bias from the right, though it's not nearly as bad as what's been found on the left - especially this one.

Social/National Issues: Kids should be taught not to touch guns, and alternatives to evolution. Protesting is a right, but some people should choose to shut up. As with silence, patience is a virtue - people should wait until they hear the facts before judging Harriet Miers - or Tom Delay - either way. Then again, it is interesting to see what people are already thinking about 2008.

Jewish: I hosted last week's Haveil Havalim, which is the Jewish blogging carnival, in the last edition before Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. I also posted a letter my sister-in-law had forwarded on what to think about, a funny video about dating in the Orthodox world, and my thoughts on an interesting question posed about the story of Abraham not sacrificing Isaac.

Fun: The last post about our Crazy Shabbos (for now, at least), an ego boost, and a key to my political views - at least according to one website. More importantly, the key to winning an NFL pool, and thanks to those who helped with my template. And, last but not least, my Alliance assignment: What to give terrorists during Ramadan?
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  1. Great post! I agree too. I lot of times we get stuck reading the same blogs over and over and using open trackbacks gives you other places to go and read. I encourage everyone that does a trackback to my Specials or OTBs to read others that have trackbacked. That opens us up to other people and other points of view.

  2. Thanks for running the open trackbacks! I try to read ones that look like they might be interesting to me. Often, they are.

  3. I've noticed the same, just by joining them. As a host, you probably feel it a greater level.