Friday, October 28, 2005

Hastert Blogs; Coburn Listens to Bloggers

[Previously on this subject: Politicos Pay Attention to Blogs (intro) and Unprecedented: House Republicans Invite Bloggers (in action).]

More and more instances of the Republican members of Congress having excellent conversations, discussions, and dialogue with bloggers keep popping up. Dennis Hastert has actually begun his own blog - and it has substance! Senator Coburn, who has been a strong leader in the battle against pork (ala Porkbusters), recently had a nice conference call with many leading blogs to discuss pork in the budget.

The best, and most interesting line:
Senator Coburn said that he hoped this would be the first of regular calls with bloggers on the subject.

I don't mind repeating this again and again:
It will be interesting to see if this type of activity continues, and to what extent. If this begins to become a trend (we've seen a small number of politicians pay attention to PorkBusters - but only after receiving notice), we may see a re-shaping of the political world as we know it. I think that whichever party truly latches on to the idea - not through paying lip service, but by truly paying attention to the blogosphere - will become far stronger, and fast. This should not be done irresponsibly, as has been done in the past by Presidents (and others) who too closely followed national polls. But the logical reasoning of bloggers, their analyses, and their sometimes ingenius ideas should not be ignored.

The Republican National Committee has taken the first step. Will more follow?

We can only hope.

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